Our Services

Optimizing processes in operations, sales & marketing, product development and administration

We develop customized solutions with the client in supply chain, technology strategy product roadmap, sales & marketing, customer service and administration. Increasing sales, profitability and robustness of the operation are focus.

Restructuring / Outsourcing

Based on comprehensive analyses, we develop concepts and implementation approaches, and assist in the actual implementation. Focus on key competencies may require outsourcing. We develop outsourcing concepts and support the implementation.

Interim Management

Implementation of new concepts may require new structures and different management profiles. We help to make a successful transition and fill temporary gaps in management teams.

Expanding Markets

We provide exploratory marketing, missionary sales and establish beach-heads.

Partnerships & Joint Development

We support the client in defining a partnership strategy, find and vet perspective partners, we develop and negotiate mutual beneficial agreements including IP terms.


We provide business-tailored training in operations finance, product strategy and negotiations.
We develop solutions and are part of the implementation
We develop solutions and are part of the implementation