Bret AdamsBret Adams

Bret Adams has over 25 years of management experience related to strategies for successful introduction of technology-based products in rapidly growing markets, strategic planning, product marketing, technology branding, and public relations.

In his current role, he consults to a broad range of clients in energy related fields including energy storage, solar, renewables with storage, micro-grids, efficiency, and distributed controls of embedded devises. Bret Adams guides clients on product strategy, regulatory considerations, strategic partnerships, attracting initial customers, and taking advantage of changing market conditions. As VP of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at EnerVault from 2011-2015, he led the creation of initial customer pipelines for a unique, disruptive energy storage technology and established partnerships globally with industry players. 

Bret Adams is recognized in the industry for his leadership in influencing the market formation of utility energy storage, helping move the industry from a few small pilots, to a full scale, competitive market. Prior to utility storage he held executive positions leading sales and marketing at public and privately held solar energy companies and has experience in a diverse set of solar technologies, including single crystalline bifacial, multi-crystalline, thin film, various mounting systems, solar power electronics, certification methods, and solar system design tools. His experience includes Calisolar, DayStar, and Solyndra.

Prior to entry in advanced energy in 2006, he spent several years at major semiconductor equipment suppliers Applied Materials and Varian Semiconductor in management roles of product management, corporate marketing, market research, strategic planning, public relations, and investor relations. Bret Adams is an inventor on 15 US patents, has authored numerous technical papers, and has been an invited speaker at advanced energy conferences. Bret Adams holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin and a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.

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