Sunil KumarSunil Kumar

Sunil dedicated four decades to the Energy industry. An Electrical Engineer (Power) from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IITM), his long career has spanned two continents and numerous business functions.

As Sales Manager for South India, Sunil twice transformed the market for cable accessories – from the traditional cast iron box/ bitumen system to a taped/cast resin system and then to the state of the art, highly innovative heat shrink cable accessories pioneered by Raychem Corporation USA, a Fortune 500 Company, thereby breaking through into a then closed Indian economy.

Migrating to the US in 1987, he continued to work for Raychem Corp. & TE Connectivity for the next 30 years. He held numerous positions, including Application Engineering, Product Management, Technical & Sales Support, Business Development and has been a member of the Asia Management Team. Driven by a passion for serving customers and transforming markets, he has logged over 4 million air miles, visiting utilities, consultants, OEM’s, contractors in S.E. Asia, ANZPAC, Latin America, Europe and the USA. A couple of examples:

  • China Rail - Shanghai – Beijing track electrification. Sunil’s innovative solution of insulating the metal truss of the bridge, using Raychem’s Raysulate products, solved the problem of insufficient clearance between the catenary and the truss, thereby eliminating the cost intensive need to rebuild the bridge, saving thousands in the process, enabling timely project completion.
  • A utility in the US purchased Japanese, 3 core sector shaped medium voltage cable, only to discover that none of existing cable accessories could be used. Sunil engineered a modification to Raychem’s jointing system that resolved a very difficult problem for the customer.

Sunil’s monthly visits to China has provided an up close and personal view of the incredible transformation of the Chinese economy and the effects and challenges of globalization.

Sunil seeks to leverage his intimate knowledge of Asian markets, his skills in Sales, Marketing, Engineering and the ability to work in cross cultural environments, to help clients navigate an increasingly competitive and challenging global market place. Combined with proven leadership skills, Sunil is committed to delivering timely, high impact results. Sunil lives in San Jose, California.


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